One stop shopping. We realize that you can get most of the information you need to make informed decisions about your home purchase. Most agents have websites, most agents will email you listings and most agents will unlock a door for you. So, what makes us different? First of all, we are interested in helping you find what you want...not just sell you what we have listed. We have access to listings that are for sale, but not being listed in the traditional ways. We believe that you should experience what it's like to look at homes in a pressure free environment until you are ready, willing, and able to purchase. We work with investors, second home owners, short term rental needs, long term rental needs, first time home buyers, military families. We are even able to help with properties you may own or want to own outside of the Florida panhandle. Feel free to use our search feature. Let us help you set up a customized search. Let us know if you're not seeing what you want on the traditional market. Let us know how we can make your dream home a reality!